Charlotte Sehmisch Felting Feedback

Because I was a working person – I missed doing Charlotte Sehmisch’s 3 day masterclass on her architecturally based felting techniques. So I joined the group for coffee and feedback in Phoenix Park this Sunday morning.

Charlotte Sehmisch is an award winning and internationally acclaimed felt artist and textile designer from Weimar, the home of Bauhaus, in Germany.

She has exhibited her work worldwide, in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, USA and Australia, and is regularly invited to run workshops and masterclasses across Europe and the USA.

Student technique samples

Her masterclass in Kilruddery sounded very exciting BUT very difficult …..we examined some samples done by participants and although closely linked to Maths and I THOUGHT maths was one of my strong point …. I was soon addled. Might make more sense of it at Play date that will be organised where we can do “HANDS ON”. The following are some images from Google that I particularly like – isn’t the sheep one amazing!!!!!

We also looked at some amazing photos of 3D work done on the Hungarian trip – little and BIG houses – lovely reports about the friendliness and sharing of the Hungarian participants.


Particularly liked the little motifs that they make to hang above their doors and in their houses … kinda good fortune items … liked the sample shown this morning that included leaves and lavender felted behind gauze.


Author: Breda Fay

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