Antwerp, the City of diamonds – and we didn’t even look!!!!

Antwerp, the city of Rubens: Great experience in De Kathedral Antwerpen. The guide pamphlet set the atmosphere for the walk around the Cathedral of our Lady. “Welcome! When entering sit down on one of the chairs at the back of the cathedral. Feel the majesty.

f-antwerp-cathedral f-antwerp-cathedral-3

Gigantic pillars support the ribbed vault above your head. Large stained glass windows filter the light. You are surrounded by opulent works of art. Our visitors are often reduced to silence by such beauty

….The cathedral was built as a house for God and today it continues to receive many Catholics who wish to celebrate and pray here.””



This modern statue stands close to the back of the Cathedral and symbolises man trying to balance faith (the cross) and living.

The visit was at our own pace, focussing on what drew us: it was so spiritual and inspiring to see four of the masterpieces of Rubens, the Antwerp painter who was the proponent of Baroque in the Low Countries:

f-rheubens-in-antwerp-cathedral f-antwerp-cathedral-2

“His dynamic flamboyant and imposing alterpieces continue to leave visitors speechless” according to the guidebook – AND THEY DID.


Antwerp, the city of Lace: Fiona and Catherine went off shopping. Being “crafty”, I decided to visit the Dupon Lace House. Met a fascinating lady whose family have been lacemaking for generations who was delighted to explain all about bobbin lace, needle lace and combinations.


BOBBIN LACE Image result for Antwerp needle lace


Image result for bobbin lace and needle lace


Bought three lovely examples: Renaissance Needle Lace, Duchess Bobbin Lace with Bruges pattern and Princess Bobbin Lace.  Thoroughly enjoyed the chat.

And just had time to buy some Belgian chocolate before meeting girls for coffee. As time was moving on we decided to get a taxi back to the ship – luckily we had only 10 minutes to sailing. Then to find Fiona’s mobile missing – still in taxi- what a nice guy to race back and return it just as gang plank was being pulled up!!!

f-leaving-antwerp-harbour-2  f-leaving-antwerp-harbour

There were 180 passengers on the ship, 174 of them from Germany. And still it was the Irish contingency that out-sang the Karaoke with renditions of An Puc ar Buile, the Banks, Molly Malone and many many others – all unaccompanied as you can imagine.


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