Last day in the office

My last day in the Office – The first POST by ME

Last Day2

Image result for retirement poems funny

Image result for retirement poems funny

... cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss will always have appropriate words for the situation! And how true – I’m so glad the years in Scoil Choca happened!


Author: Breda Fay

I'm retired since end August 2016 and loving the new life! More time now for family and friends and to explore craft, history, travel and certainly more of a chance for, me-time. To paraphrase Seuss: I've no tears that (teaching) is over; but many smiles that it happened!

3 thoughts on “Last day in the office”

  1. Hi Ms Fay,

    I’m just wandering are you the same Ms Fay that thought in Weaver Square school in 1976. If so I have so many great memories of you as you were one of the most kindest and inspirational person I have ever met. Would love to hear back from you if you are the teacher From Weaver Square school.

    1. Think I might be…. lovely comments….do have fond memories of a Jacqueline Hunt….small, brown hair, funny/witty and popular…so is this a match????

      1. Well never thought I was popular, but still small with light brown hair now. I was only talking to my sisters the weekend about you and they suggested to google you. I remember the day you brought a few of us to the zoo, Betty Byrne, Paula McGraine, Katleen McGarry I felt so special that day and you brought your beautiful dog. You also introduced me to a running club in Walkinstown which I live close to and walk by regularly. I would like to thank you so much for being my teacher for two years as I know your positive attitude and your kindness definitely played a part in my life. I would like to write more but I better get ready for work or I’ll be late. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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