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There are many fairytales about Old Trafford:


The fairytale resurgance of the club after the 1958 Munich air distaster and the courage and strength of one Matt Busby  to return to football and start all over again.

Alex Ferguson’s 25 year fairytale as the Old Trafford boss with the outstanding achievement of lifted 27 trophies – 12 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, four League Cups, two Champions Leagues and a Cup Winners’ Cup and and overseeing the rise of numerous world-class players including our own George Best and Roy Keane.

The fairytale careers of Roy Keane and George Best would also require mention.

Kevin Moran’s fairytale journey from being an All-Star in 1976, having played for the Dubs in Croke Park, to playing 231 games with Man Utd. in Old Trafford.


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On Saturday, December 23. 2023,  we read a new fairytale of Old Trafford, one written by Malachy Clerkin in The Sports Weekend, Irish Times. This one is a parody of The Pogues Fairytale of New York. Unlike the previous fairytales, this is a narratove of the dismal season(s) Man Utd have had recently.

Its been really difficult to remain loyal, (luckily my other “RED” club, Pat’s, stepped into the breach and gave me something to cheer about).

If you read the Clerkin article, there is also a very good Santa Baby take off, almost as good as the Miley Cyrus version. Neither of them are anywhere near as good as the Milis version sung at the Active Retirement Group in Naas at Christmas party.

Author: Breda Fay

I'm retired since end August 2016 and loving the new life! More time now for family and friends and to explore craft, history, travel and certainly more of a chance for, me-time. To paraphrase Seuss: I've no tears that (teaching) is over; but many smiles that it happened!

2 thoughts on “LAST POST 2023 – FAIRYTALES OF MAN UTD”

  1. OMG, Breda, this is soo beautiful and such a big job and big commitment.
    I didn’t realise that from you last post in Feltmakers Ireland I will be landing here.
    I hope you are keeping well.
    Wishing you all the best. Keep your creativity up!

    With love. Asta

    1. Hi Asta – I get so few comments on my blog that I rarely check for them – delighted to get yours – was your trip to Manchester of to Ireland? Im just back from the Camino (recuperating!!!!)

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